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Discussion about Balanset-1 / Re: balance mainspindles
« on: July 15, 2018, 05:52:35 PM »
Yes, you can balance mainspindles in machining centers in it's own bearings.
We can reach low level of vibration - for example 0.03 mm\s (see screenshot below) .
"Dynamic balancer Balanset-1. Mainspindle balancing"

Discussion about Balanset-1 / balance mainspindles
« on: July 15, 2018, 05:49:35 PM »
Dear sir, madam,
For our company Iím looking for a device thet can balance mainspindles in machining centers.
The spindle will not be taken out of the machine for balancing,
On the internet I found Vibromera. My question, will your balcom-1 do this job?
What is the level of balancing I can expect in MM/S?
Do you have references who also balance main spindles?
Please make a quotation with your very best price of a Balcom-1,
2 planes
5 meter cables on the accelerometers and laser sensor
delivery to my adres

OK, of course I'll glad to help. Please feel free to ask.
Nikolai was engaged in field balancing of the mulchers. Sometimes he is failed to reach perfect balancing , because resonant of the  construction, bad bearings and such a like  causes. But vibration should  decreased in any case.


look I have been constructing and producing mulchers for 11 years now. I've always been balancing on a rigid machine. Now I have a need for services where people do not have to remove rotor from mulcher and bring it to me. I can balance them on the field, but I simply fail.
I'll try your advice, and if I fail, I'll be bothering you for a litlle bit more with my questions.

Best regards

Important to mount sensors in massive part, not in then thin casing etc. that can resonate.
Cable direction is not important.
Field balancing of the mulchers is not so easy.
Some times we are forced to use some tricks (see kust1.jpg)

Before balancing the mulchers must be repaired, bearings must be in good technical condition, rotate without jamming etc.
Best wishes
Andrew Shelkovenko

Dear Andrew

Thanks for fast repy. If you could send me one more time pictures i cant see them in mail.
Do sensor position have impact on results. 
I know that sensors need to be on flat surface close to bearings, but do cables need to be parallel?
Please send me picture of right mounted sensor.

Best regards

Dear Alexandar
1. Be sure that you put the weights in the correct place (angle)
The angle is measured from trial weight position according direction of rotation (as shown on picture below)

2. Be sure that you correctly mount vibration sensors.

I.e. sensor sensitivity direction should be transversely (at right angle) to rotor axis.

3. If you have an balance machine with "soft bearing" you can try use balanset with this machine for testing.
Balanset should to show the same weights as another software, maybe to other angle - according to direction of rotation of rotor.
Or you can for beginning try balanset to balance a simple rotors - maybe a small fan etc.
There are video

Also there are Step-by-step balancing procedure manual
Best wishes
Andrew Shelkovenko

Dear Nikolai,

 A few months ago I bought a balanset-1 from You.
Now  I've started balancing tests, there are problems and I need your help.

1. I tried to balance the 2.5m long mulcher rotor, I did everything in the balancing manual, but the software showed me aunbalance in the P1 cca.1300 grams, in P2 650 grams. When I put this weigths rotor shakes even more, so I have to put weights a couple of times but the rotor is still unpredictable.
When I pull the rotor from the mulcher and put it on stationary balance machine, another software shows 300 grams in both planes and when I set the weights the rotor calms down.

2.  3m long mulcer rotor.
I make test run. Then I put test weight o 1st plane, I spin in and measure, remove weigth.
Put weigth on 2nd plane, spin rotor, measure.
And now starts my problems. Trim balance wants cca. P1=1400g@78deg and 680g@347deg. When I put like sofware said and spin and mesure, next result say something quite different. And rotor vibrate even worse.
So I put more and more weights but result is worse.

Please help me to understand what I am doing wrong.
When I balance on field I cant do anything, but when I put rotors on stationary balancing machine in two spins i can balance abouth anything.
From ten mulcher rotors that I ve tried to balance on field, I didnt  successfully balance even one.

Best regards.

We have a huge experience in balancing different mulchers.
We send the devices by express mail from Estonia. Parcels in Europe come quickly, about 10 days.

"Dynamic balancer Balanset-1. Mulcher field balancing"

"Dynamic balancer Balanset-1. Mulcher Nokamic field balancing"

Mr. Shelkovenko,

I'm interested in buying balance-1. I'm wondering if this device is strong
enough for field balancing the rotors of mulchers in two planes.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Discussion about Balanset-1 / Re: centrifugal impellers
« on: July 15, 2018, 04:16:05 PM »
For such centrifugal fans we have developed a simple balancing stand, as you can see in the attached pictures. It allows to achieve a good balance of the fan assembly. How to place sensors and reflective mark you can see in the pictures. Sensors mount by the magnets. Test and balancing weights should be placed on the impeller's  side 1 and side2  as shown. You can use steel clip or similar as trial and balancing weghts.
There are some information in the .
If you have any questions, please contact us.

Discussion about Balanset-1 / centrifugal impellers
« on: July 15, 2018, 04:08:59 PM »
Dear Mr.,

I've seen the field balancing equipment on your webpage.

We start manufacturing centrifugal impellers for small single inlet
centrifugal fans.
(see attached picture)
The impeller outside diameter is from 300 up to 450 mm and width 140 up to
220. Weight 1,5 to 5,0 kg.

In case of using your Balanset-1 device, could you please make a
schematics with:
- where to place the vibration sensors;
- where to place the reflector mark;
- where on the rotor to add test weight (we want to add mass, not

Looking forward for your reply,

Discussion about Balanset-1 / Re: balancing machine for Pelton runner
« on: July 15, 2018, 03:48:09 PM »
Yes, our equipment can be used for balancing your Pelton runners.
Our balancing system used influence coefficients method, so is possible to balance rotors of any weights and size.
But our balancer is a field balancer, so you can balance your parts in their own bearings with own drive motor. Our equipment is just vibration measuring system and balancing software. There are not any mechanical part in our balancing equipment. You can made any simple balancing stand.

Best wishes
Andrew Shelkovenko

Discussion about Balanset-1 / balancing machine for Pelton runner
« on: July 15, 2018, 03:29:45 PM »

We need balancing machine for Pelton runner. All necessary informationís are enclosed in the drawing.

Those are the cases of smallest and biggest runners that we need to balance.

Please, can you confirm that we can use your equipment for balancing such parts and send us the quotation?

Best regards.

Discussion about Balanset-1 / Re: 50 ton rotor balancing
« on: July 08, 2018, 08:47:48 PM »
1. Balanset-1 is portable balancer for field balancing of rotors or can be used as measuring system for the balancing stand.
Balanset used test weights (influence coefficients) method to determine how vibration amplitude and phase will changed after known weight added. Then required correction mass and angle of the correction masses can be calculated (automatically by software).
Balancing procedure not depends from the size and mass of the balanced rotor. We  balanced 9 ton rotor of papermaking machine and 50 gramm small rotors.
So, you can balance 50 ton rotor too in its own bearing.

There are some important notes
- What is reason of vibration  - disbalance or not? Maybe electrical\magnetic reasons?
- In what condition bearings are - good or not? If not good - possible you can't reach good balancing results.
- Balanset is used to balancing of rigid rotors. ie not for highspeed rotor of turbin etc.
What is the rotation speed of your rotor (RPM)?
2. Cable lenght is not too limited - it can be 10- or 20 meters. (standart is 4 meters)
3. Prise is $1,634.00

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